Blogging in Place

Bell's Blog: Our Ship on the Ocean

Aging is the ocean.  But Aging in Place is just a ship on that ocean, a vehicle that provides, among other things, a room and food and service and care and transportation and social engagement. Read More »

Bell’s Blog: Favorite Tunes

Gene Starn a former journalist and editor of a newspaper in West Florida and, now over 90, retains a scribe’s peering eyes of skepticism.   But, when I saw him last week, those eyes had a new glint.  Read More »

Celebrate Aging in Place Week: Bell's Blog

There may have been 14 screens at the movie complex in Palm Beach Gardens, but there may as well have been just one.  As I stood near the box office late Saturday afternoon, each person in the long line requested the same movie: “The Intern.” ...

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The Voice Library

When we are missing someone the world seems such an expansive place, but with today’s technology the world grows infinitely smaller, and whoever we are missing seems a little bit closer.

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Medicaid Eligibility and Aging in Place

Many senior citizens prefer to remain in their homes. They don't want to have to enter a nursing home, nor do they want to move in with a family member, at least not before they absolutely have to. Read More »

Finding Love at any age

After the death of his father, Steve Loring watched as his mother learned to face life alone. Read More »

Our Next Step

My sense is that it’s time for aging in place to take a leap. And NAIPC has some of the tools to help make that happen. Read More »

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