Ohio Walk-in Showers, LLC

7684 Butterfly St
Painesville, OH 44077
(440) 667 - 8827
James Zuber

Ohio Walk-in Showers is a 2nd generation family owned business specializing in senior bath safety.  


Our genesis began in 2004 when we started providing safety and grab bar installations for our local department on aging.  We soon evolved to converting tubs into step-in or walk-in shower.


Using the client's existing tub, we cut and remove a section from the front wall of the tub. Into the opening, we form-fit a u-shaped acrylic insert step.  This reduces the tub wall step over down to a height of 5"-7".  Because we utilize the homeowner's existing tub, conversions are completed in less than a day, resulting in less disruption and greater savings for our clients.