Abely LLC

28 Maple Place
Manhasset, NY 11030
(800) 527-5097
Sabine Hairabedian

Abely is a startup company committed to providing intelligent solutions to address mobility issues and promote independent living. Our flagship product is the LiftMeUp, a portable electric recliner that instantly transforms any bed into an adjustable bed, therefore allowing its user to sleep at an incline, transition from a sitting to a horizontal position (and vice versa), and recline comfortably to relax and watch TV, all at the touch of a button and a fraction of the price of an electric bed.

The LiftMeUp recliner is very user-friendly: 

  • It keeps users in their bed, next to their spouse, addressing the dignity issue that hospital beds deprive them from,
  • It is easy to install and operate - no tools required!
  • It is versatile - elevate the head or the legs,
  • It is portable - take it with you on vacation, make any bed adjustable!
  • No footprint!

The LiftMeUp recliner isparticularly useful to:

  • Older adults who wish to age in their home and remain independend,
  • Patients post-surgery needing help to get in and out of bed (abdominal, orthopedic, thoracic,...) 
  • Anyone who needs to sleep at an incline (GERD, COPD, congestive heart failure,...),
  • Caregivers who can raise and lower their loved ones at the touch of a button,
  • Those reaching the end of their life.

Visit our website www.abelysolutions.com to learn more about our products!

Abely is a women-owned and operated business and committed to giving back: for every 100 LiftMeUp recliners sold, Abely donates 5 to individuals with mobility issues or to non-profit organizations helping them.