About Us

New Hampshire Chapter


Contact us at: NAIPCofNH@ageinplace.org


Mission Statement :


The New Hampshire Aging in Place Council is a nonprofit referral network formed for the exclusive purpose of providing seniors with the information needed for them to age in place with dignity and security on the Greater Seacoast .


Vision Statement:


By bringing together a network of professionals who are experts in their fields that are willing to provide accurate, timely and honest information without cost to seniors and/or their caregivers.   We hope to build a community where seniors can not only live comfortably in their own homes but also thrive.  A community where seniors are valued, encouraged and assisted in living their lives to the fullest.  We understand that those who have come before us have allowed us to have the high quality of life we have and that they are deserving of not only our thanks but our gratitude.


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