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Monthly Cash Flow - Through Temecula Educational Institute

One of the most important things in retirement is Monthly Cash Flow.

As we approach retirement, we THINK we’ve already done most everything we can do to maximize our monies for retirement.  That’s only true for people who don’t have Tax Deferred retirement accounts – IRA, 401k, 403b, etc.  Those fortunate enough to have saved money in those Tax Deferred accounts will be shocked to find out how much money they will lose in Unnecessary Taxes over their retirement lifetime.

To be more specific, the average working couple will be unnecessarily taxed between $100k to $300k on their life-time Social Security benefits alone.  The taxable income from their Tax Deferred accounts is added to their other incomes and the total puts them into a taxable income for life – which means their Social Security will also be taxed for life UNNECESSARILY.  Another little known fact is that now that we are living so much longer, we might end up paying much more taxes through lifetime Required Minimum Distributions, than if we would have just paid our taxes as we put aside our retirement monies – like we do with annual Income Taxes. 


If you buy a house today, you’re told you have a 4.5% interest rate mortgage, but when you look at the amount that went to Principal and Interest, you see the reality is that your payment is more like 60% to 70% interest.  If you had the availability to pay cash you probably wouldn’t choose the unnecessary losses to interest.  In the same way, many people today are retiring in a tax bracket and losing a fortune unnecessarily because their advisors don’t have the specialty tax training to explain this to them - or maybe they don’t want their client to make any changes.  But you do have a very simple choice.  DON’T MORTGAGE your retirement by using TAX TIMEBOMB Deferred Accounts - with One Big Exception.  Always take advantage of Employer Matching but never put in a dime more than required for the match. When you instead put your money in IRS approved Tax Free accounts, you don’t have to put your money at risk by going into investments.  I can guide you through those choices.  If a client is determined to keep their money at risk in an investment, then once I have them reclassified as “Tax Free”, all of the PROFITS from their investments will be TAX FREE for the rest of their lives, with the exception of a large inheritance or some significant change. 

Why do we fall victim to these unnecessary taxes?  Because setting aside money for retirement is not only necessary, but wonderful and fulfilling.  Employers cooperate to make this automatic and we think, “How nice it is the government allows us to defer taxes until we retire in a lower or maybe zero tax bracket.  That is true for THOSE PEOPLE.  I’m only talking to the people that are destined to retire in a tax bracket – some nowadays are nearly as high as or even higher than when working.  The tax deferred system has become a huge ongoing winning Lottery Ticket of unnecessary taxes for the government.

Why don’t you know about this?  Most people have not heard of this because these IRS guidelines are not a part of the curriculum for a Financial Advisor or CPA degree. These approved procedures provide you the same advantages the wealthy get from their highly paid tax attorneys - like the old saying:  The millionaire pays less in taxes than his gardener. 

My specialty becomes a lifesaver for clients in their 50s and 60s who have already amassed their deferred retirement funds.  The process usually takes 3 to 8 years to implement because we have to follow IRS guidelines and it all has to be completed before age 70.5.  If you are older than 70.5 then there are different remedies we can talk about – but pass this on to anyone you love in their 50s or 60s (your children, your siblings, your neighbors).  The rush we have now is that taxes are on sale only till 2026 when the current tax plan sunsets.  After that, many economists say taxes have to double for us to stay solvent.

Prioritizing Tax Free monthly income over just accumulation of assets is truly a liberated retirement and additionally the BEST OUTCOME FOR A SURVIVING SPOUSE because at that point she will have maybe half the Social Security benefit but will be in a higher tax bracket as single.

It’s especially difficult when taxes increase on your fixed income.  When you’re in a Tax Free Status, you don’t care if taxes double – you’re retirement income is exempt!

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✔ Appointed by Mayor Bradley as Co-Chairperson for Community Relations for the 1984 Los Angeles 
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