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Bijou Lulla

Smaart House is a technology solution provider for successful aging-in-place. Our technology solutions encompass:


Home Automation

With our voice-enabled home technology products; you can control your lighting, heating & cooling, and television with voice commands. With our smart security system, you can lock your door with voice activation and speak to someone at the door from the comfort of your bed or couch. 


Remote Caregiving Management

If you are taking care of an aging parent. relative or companion, we install smart sensors in their homes so you can track all their activities and behavior via notifications you will receive on your smartphone. What time did mom or dad get out of bed, have they had their medications on time; you will receive real-time notifications on your mobile phones, which will save you time and money for not being there in person to monitor day to day routine activity. 


Fall Management

Our PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) devices which a person carries or wears on themselves at all times will detect when a person has had a fall either at home or in a public space and alert the authorities.