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Diane Sussman
Diane Sussman
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
Get My Ducks In A Row
Organization & Money Management

Get My Ducks In A Row (“Ducks”) --- Many people need us at different stages in their lives. For some, it’s about the skills necessary to maintain their independence that’s paramount.  For others, it’s support during life changes or in times of crisis.  Often it’s not just one reason, but a combination of two or more reasons that tell them that the time has come for some assistance.    

Through Ducks, I help, assist, educate, and model good organizational & money management practices.

I work with individuals to help them manage day-to-day financial transactions and manage their money.  Some of the services Ducks provides include:
Reviewing and sorting mail
Ensuring that checks are written in an accurate and timely manner
Reconciling bank and credit card statements 
Carefully reviewing monthly income and expenses  
Reviewing insurance policies and obtaining policy renewals or quotations for changes
Setting up a simple and easy-to-use filing system
Developing and maintaining a practical and realistic budget

The initial consultation is free. I start by finding out what the individual(s) sees as their needs and priorities.  From there, I develop a personalized plan of action and timeline.  
Most meetings run about ninety minutes.  Visit my website at GetMyDucksInARow.com.