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Sommer Acevedo

HouseCalls-MD provides Healthcare, comfort and security where YOU are.

A physician comes to your residency, be it your house, assisted living facility or place of business, equipped with almost everything you can find in the doctor’s office.

X-rays and lab work samples collection is provided on the spot, when needed.


What does it mean to you:

  •   No more long hours spent in doctor’s offices or waiting rooms.
  •   No exposure to other sick people.
  •   You have no transportation expenses.
  •   Ample time is provided for each patient and their family - there is no rush.


We maintain close relationships with family members and facility staff, enabling patients to live happier, healthier lives. We coordinate medical care: provide referrals to Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Home care agencies, consulting with specialists..


We strive to keep you out of the Emergency room, reduce Urgent care visits and hospital re-admissions!











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