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Carol Hurst

According to recent study published in the Journal of Financial Planning, Reverse Mortgages will play a critical role for retirement planning in the coming years.  Traditional retirement assets for most retirees – Social Security benefits, pensions and personal savings – have been weakened during the recent economic downturn.  Now viewed as a potential financial planning tool, the reverse mortgage could likely become a fourth leg of the retirement income stool – yet another ‘bucket’ from which to draw.

Approximately 80 percent of mature adults want to age in place and about half of these folks are considering using home equity to help fund their retirement.  Currently there are 24 million households with residents age 62 or older, and half of those hold more than 50 percent of their net worth in home equity.

A native of Arkansas, I discovered my love of working with the mature market while affiliated with the Arkansas Office on Aging as Legal Advocate and Nursing Home Ombudsman. This opportunity gave me extensive experience in working with the same segment of the population now served by the reverse mortgage product.  I loved being able to improve the overall quality of life for lots of people, sometimes working with family members and generally doing what was necessary to make the puzzle pieces fit for the 62+ folks. Now that I am a member of the mature generation, I understand those unique needs even more. My experience and prompt service make for a pleasant experience, from the first contact I make with my clients to the closing of their loan. I am a dedicated and knowledgeable reverse mortgage professional who is passionate in my service to senior homeowners.

I believe education is key  and I have the ability to explain the program in a manner that can be understood by seniors, their families and financial advisors. I make certain folks understand the good, the bad, and the ugly.  While I am passionate about the program, by no means do I believe it is for every single person or couple. When the facts are properly communicated, the homeowners can decide for themselves if it could/would be of benefit in their household. There is no greater music to my ears than to hear, “Now we finally understand—we never could understand from the DVD.  Thank you for meeting with us face-to-face.”