Visual Insights LLC

"Visual Insights" mission and purpose is helping people with Low Vision remain in their homes independently, confidently and safely. A variety of services are available to fit each individuals needs. As a Low Vision Specialist, we will find which type of magnification device allows you to read again, and even look at photos. A demonstration of talking products such as watches, clocks, scales, books and even a textreader that reads your mail or any printed material out loud. Learn about software technology that enlarges or reads your computer text and emails. 

As a Blind Rehab Therapist, acquire safety skills in the kitchen, identify labels, colors, bills and coins and learn new strategies for personal needs. As an Orientation and Mobility specialist, learn how to protect yourself while moving around objects and thru rooms using your hands, remain oriented using other senses, learn "sighted" guide, which is walking safely with family and friends, and discuss and determine if a cane is needed.

All of these services are provided in in the comfort of your own home. Just an hour and one half can change your life!

Visual Insights Brochure