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Blogging in Place

Member Spotlight: Meet Holly Spiegel

May 02 2014

Holly Spiegel's path to becoming involved with aging in place has been a tangential one, but a rewarding one nonetheless. It started with her husband. An architect specializing in senior living, his business began to slow during the recession a few years ago, a lull felt by many professionals in the building industries.

That’s when they got creative; instead of simply waiting for the tides to turn, the couple decided to use their expertise in creating large-scale senior community living facilities and apply it to helping individuals.

Holly earned her CAPS II credential through the National Association of Home Builders; she also earned the Executive Certificate in Home Modifications from the University of Southern California. The couple shifted the focus of the business to individuals as opposed to large-scale communities.

Soon after this shift, Holly had an opportunity to volunteer at the Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF) in the Home Safety Program. And after only a few weeks, the MPTF offered Holly a staff position as Home Safety Coordinator, which she graciously accepted.

MPTF is a medical and social services non-profit that serves members of the entertainment community. They perform home safety assessments for seniors and special needs clients and coordinate installations with labor provided by industry volunteers. Holly’s involvement with MPTF has truly changed her life.

“I am very proud of the work that we do and am so grateful to MPTF for providing a forum and structure for us to serve those most in need,” Holly stated during our interview.

In addition to her work at the MPTF, Holly serves as a Charter Member of the currently-forming Los Angeles/Ventura County Chapter of NAIPC. Through helping to form this local NAIPC chapter, Holly hopes to advocate for policy on a local, regional, and national level. Her experience at MPTF has helped her to understand that clients’ physical health, emotional stability and happiness, and quality of life are all linked, and her hope is to share MPTF’s successes and to educate policymakers about the tangible social and monetary gains that can be made in a community that supports aging in place.

“The ability for clients to stay in the homes where they have raised families, are most emotionally supported, and are safe and comfortable can support a longer and richer life,” Holly said.