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September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

Sep 04 2014

Being that September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month, I wanted to give you a few ideas of what the types of programs you can take advantage of at the library.

Because your library these days is not just about books...with new technologies like Live-Brary and the internet seniors can tap resources they never dreamed possible.

So as I go through some of the ideas below (I am omitting the thousands of books there because you already know about those), remember that your library probably has unique and special programs that I am not listing...so make sure to stop by your local library soon.

Adult Programs

The adult programs cover an assortment of classes and events that cater to all ages.

Now, because the events are always changing, I am going to give you a small sample of the programs my library has available over the next month. Your library will offer a similar array of programs.  You just need to ask at the reference desk...

  • NYC and Brooklyn Holiday Lights Tour Bus Trip
  • Savvy Social Security Planning
  • Heart Healthy Nutrition, Pt. II
  • Fall Collage Workshop
  • Oktoberfest Cooking
  • Leaf Plate Craft
  • Medicare Open Enrollment Seminar
Tech Classes

For seniors who are wishing to get up to date on how to use the latest cell phones, tablets and other gadgets on the market, this is the ideal way to learn...in a nice comfortable environment.  Here are a few of the classes offered in the next month or so...

Adobe Users Group
Introduction to Windows 8
Emergency Planning On-Line  
Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks

Senior Programs

These programs are specifically geared towards seniors.  They include...

  • Senior Fitness Classes 
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • AARP Smart Driver Safety Courses 
  • Defensive Driving Courses
All of these types of programs are available by checking at your local reference desk.


Live-Brary is a way for you to access thousands of eBooks for free through the library system.  By registering with your library card and gaining access to the Live-Brary system you will be able to receive eBooks for reading on your tablet or laptop.

Many of these are newly published books and you will "check them out" just as you would a physical book.  The file exists on your computer for the loan period (typically 21 days) and then is no longer accessible.

Free Museum Admission

My library has free museum passes that all card members can access.

You need to register in advance to reserve the passes and there is a LARGE late fee (up to $20 a day!!!) for not returning them on time (because others are waiting for them) but the nice part is that you can access all of the local museums in your area to visit.

So I certainly hope that this has inspired you to get your library card in September.  There is a world of enjoyment waiting for you.

About the author:

Tony Rovere has been a caregiver for the past 3 years following his mother's heart attack.  His website, StuffSeniorsNeed.com, is a terrific collection of information for caregivers.  He currently services as the coordinator for the Long Island Chapter of the National Aging In Place Council at LongIslandNAIPC.org.