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Blogging in Place

Generations of Hope to Open DC Residence

May 13 2015

Many of you enjoyed the emotional presentation at last year’s annual meeting in Washington by Mark Dunham of Generations of Hope, builders of intergenerational housing.  Mark described a new project in Washington that would include 17 affordable apartments for seniors and 8 for young single mothers.  To qualify to live there, the seniors must pledge 100 hours per quarter to help the “moms” primarily with child care, and the “moms” must pledge to 50 hours per week to run errands or otherwise serve the seniors.  This is all the brain child of Brenda Eheart who is devoted to bringing disparate groups together in residences to solve social problems.

At an advisory committee meeting last week, Mark and Brenda proudly showed the nearly finished new residence, Genesis, on Georgia Avenue in northwest Washington, and announced it will open in September.  The eight moms have already been interviewed and approved and the staff is now accepting applications from seniors.

There are many creative ways to fill the gaps in our lives and to restore purpose for those whom feel lost.

By Marty Bell, Executive Director