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Aging In Place In Exurbia

Jan 22 2016

The conversation on aging may be gaining volume, but most of the noise is coming out of the cities. An annual Milken Institute report focuses on the “Best Cities for Aging.” An international program sponsored by the World Health Organization, recently joined by AARP, addresses “Age Friendly Cities.” There seems to be a lot of activity on aging services motivated by big city mayors in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Boston and more.

But what if you prefer to Age in Place where the place is remote? Jacqueline Mondros, a member of NAIPC’s Board of Directors, who recently moved from being a Dean at Hunter College in Manhattan to becoming Dean and Assistant Vice President of Determinants of Health at Stony Brook, about 75 miles out of the city, recently said to me, “Aging in place is much more difficult outside of the cities

As NAIPC devotes this year to expanding the scope of aging in place and emphasizes the need for planning, it behooves us to tackle the specific needs and concerns of those in smaller towns and villages throughout the country, where services are scattered and civic resources are less.

To encourage this conversation we are forming a new discussion group called Aging in Place in Exurbia. Working Groups are comprised of members from chapters around the country who meet by telephone on a regular basis to share their experiences in their regions, compare notes, pose problems, and seek solutions. Other NAIPC working groups address Home Modification and Caregiving.

Each working group has a small committee of members that plans meeting agendas and moderates the discussion. We are currently forming such an organizing committee for our Aging in Place in Exurbia group. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jessica Hoefer. (jhoefer@dworbell.com)