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Blogging in Place

Fitness First for Seniors

Feb 15 2017


By Jess Walter

Staying fit and healthy does not have to fall by the wayside as you get older. In fact, being active after the age of 50 is, in some ways, more important, as you may find it increasingly difficult to carry out everyday tasks. Those with age-related illnesses may be concerned that exercise will worsen the condition, but even some light exercise can improve your strength and mobility. Climbing stairs or walking long distances may be less of a struggle if you keep yourself active regularly.

Finding a friend to go walking or running with you will help motivate you to keep exercising. Working with a personal trainer to tailor exercises to your fitness levels and current state of health is also effective. Local gyms are good about taking the time to explain the equipment, so be sure you sign up for orientation if this is where you’d like to start. For more stories and/or tips on how to keep yourself active later in life, click here.