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Apr 20 2017

Photo Source: NX Vision London, UK

By Jess Walter

How To Make Big Changes Later In Life

When you Google “when is the right time for a big change” the options provide a plethora of responses and interestingly enough, it doesn’t tell you that all this needs to be done before you’re 30. Or 40. Or even 50. In fact, the advice mainly stems from emotional and psychological responses. Inevitably, once we reach a certain age, all we do is prepare for retirement. But what if you have the opportunity to finally make it up the corporate ladder or chase that business dream?

Breaking the Mold and Chasing Success

Wisdom is something that plays a crucial role here, along with the ability to take calculated risks. Whether you’re thinking of starting up a business or investing in someone else’s, the important thing to consider is that it takes time and money to get it off the ground. Invest a few extra dollars and get a professional business consultant and an accountant to look over the feasibility study, business plan, and financial forecasts. It’s also imperative not to lock in your personal property or assets to the business and to provide other forms of collateral. This is also a good time to speak to an attorney or financial adviser to look into estate planning and trusts. When you’re no longer afraid of what you might lose, success is yours for the taking.

Taking Up A New Job Opportunity

There are certain things in life that simply cannot be replaced, and experience is one of them. For those who have a skill that others need, this is the holy grail of the employment industry. This is a far better time to make the right decision, as wisdom is now part of your skills arsenal. This will allow you to negotiate the terms and conditions of service to your benefit. Furthermore, you will be far more comfortable dealing with senior management, making it possible for you to make a good first impression. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for those who consider themselves mature is fear. Once fear is removed from the equation, the journey becomes easier. An important thing to consider here is to get everything in writing, especially when this is a career change and not simply getting back into the market.