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Blogging in Place

Outdoor Solutions for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Nov 03 2017

By Eric Rubel, Lifeway Mobility

As people age, mobility may start to become an issue. Getting up or down the stairs is not as easy as it once was because strength and stability may be starting to fade. If stairs outside one’s home are becoming difficult to manage, moving to a single-level home or senior living may be considered. However, according to the AARP, 87 percent of adults over the age of 65 want to stay in their home/community as they age. So, even though moving is an option, a majority of seniors prefer to stay in the home and community that they have grown to know and love.

Lifeway Mobility, a company that provides accessibility and mobility solutions, created a blog that describes the best outdoor accessibility solutions for people who have difficulty navigating stairs outside of their home. Each solution is described in detail so that those in need can have a better understanding of which solution will work best for their own specific needs and situation. For example, a stair lift is great mobility solution, but if the person in need has trouble getting in and out of a power chair or scooter, then a porch lift or ramp would be a better option.

Additional information on accessibility solutions such as a stair lift, wheelchair ramp or lift, or elevator for a home or commercial building can be found on Lifeway Mobility’s website:  https://www.lifewaymobility.com/