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Nov 29 2017

As time progresses, veterans who developed mental or physical impairments from their past service may face issues with their activities of daily living. When familiar routine tasks unexpectedly become a challenge, they may be qualified for the Aid and Attendance Pension¬≠—a benefit for veterans, which can lessen the costs of care. If eligible, veterans and their spouse can potentially receive up to a monthly benefit of $2,846. This amount will go towards living costs such as nursing homes and assisted living care.  

Veteranaid.org is a website with the main mission to help spread awareness about this benefit. Navigating the website offers an ample amount of information as it simplifies the application process, provides a discussion forum between veterans, and lists informative blog posts related to veteran benefits and resources. To start off, Veteranaid.org devised a quiz for users to determine their eligibility. After the quiz, the user can click over to the apply tab. This portion of the website guides the veteran with the complicated application process. With a simplistic website format, Veteranaid.org breaks down the overall application process into three steps. Under each step, additional information such as the necessary documents are listed and linked.

With so many resourceful websites for veterans scattered throughout the interwebs, please do not hesitate and utilize these websites to your advantage.