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How Seniors are Using New Delivery & Ridesharing Platforms

Feb 16 2018

For years, programs have existed to assist senior citizens with transportation, meals and other necessary living needs. These programs can be very helpful to those in dire need. Unfortunately, most require an application process and qualifications that can make them difficult to take advantage of. Now, with the introduction and advancement of convenience- based businesses that are geared toward all ages, older adults have a new pool to choose from when it comes to making their lives easier.



Companies like Uber and Lyft offer transportation that is convenient and affordable for everyday millennials. What they also offer, is a ride sharing program that makes it even easier for older adults to find affordable transportation in their area. Taking advantage of ridesharing means that older adults are now able to run errands, make doctor's appointments and use regular transportation all for a fraction of the cost of a regular taxi.

Uber and Lyft are starting to catch on to the niche use of these programs. It is becoming easier for older adults to take advantage of the opportunity because these companies are expanding their focus from millennials into the senior market. Lyft has recently partnered with Grandpad, a senior friendly tablet which makes ordering a lift easy and user-friendly.

A large number of older adults in America rely on others for transportation. In many cases, public transportation can be dangerous or unrealistic. Ride-sharing is a great service for the elderly who want safe and reliable transportation. With easy to learn technology, older adults can understand the service. If there are a number of aging adults in the same area, they can even connect over time and arrange trips together using the rideshare feature.

Grocery Delivery


Going to the grocery store can be a chore even for the most active person. There are some grocery stores that offer grocery delivery, a common service used by many that are unable to drive. This service, in the past, has been costly and rare to find. Now, because of grocery delivery services available, ordering groceries is easy for anyone.

Grocery delivery services like Shipt, Instacart and UberEats provide deliveries regardless of the recipients preferred store. This means that anyone can choose where they want to buy their groceries and have them delivered right to their door. This convenience makes it easy for older adults to order food and to ensure that they get everything that they need.

Depending on the amount of deliveries one needs, prices can vary for these programs. Overall, they can be affordable. Some of them work off of a subscription fee, where the subscriber would pay a flat rate and have unlimited deliveries available. Others charge a delivery fee each time and can be useful for those who only need groceries delivered once a month or less. Most offer both options, so that you can tailor the program to your needs.

Meal Delivery


For those who still love to cook but live alone or with one other individual, meal delivery services are a blessing. Taking the concept of Meals on Wheels and revolutionizing it, services like this have made meal delivery healthy and consistent. There are many benefits to signing up for a meal delivery program.

First, the convenience of having groceries delivered right to your door makes these programs ideal for non-driving older adults, or those with mobility issues. Seniors can choose from a variety of meals each week and discover their inner chef as each box comes with a detailed recipe that makes meal preparation easy and fun.

Meal delivery services are also health-based, and there are fresh and healthy options available for each meal. This means that consumers not only get a delicious meal, but they will be eating meals centered on fresh and healthy ingredients.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of a meal delivery service is that there is no waste. The meals are tailored to provide one or two servings, so there is no need to buy excess ingredients to make one dish. This means less spoiled ingredients, which makes it an affordable option for those living alone.

Meal delivery services offer a variety of different meals, home-style favorites like meatloaf and mashed potatoes or exotic and gourmet dishes from the comfort of one’s own kitchen.

With services like grocery delivery, Rideshare and meal delivery, the world is becoming a safe and convenient space for aging Americans. Taking advantage of these services can help older adults live a happy healthy lifestyle without much assistance or outside interference. As these programs begin to evolve, and the aging market starts realizing their advantages, they're becoming even more tailored toward an aging demographic and more dedicated to making their lives easier.

Lindsay Engle is the Marketing Specialist at MedicareFAQ, a resource center for Medicare beneficiaries. They help Baby Boomers become educated on all their Medicare options.