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The Secret Of Happy Aging: All The Ways Art Can Make Life Better

Apr 02 2018

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

By Jess Walter

Most people do what they can to ensure that their edlerly loved ones are properly cared for and looked after, especially if their family members need a little help doing everyday tasks. But how many of us take the time to see if our aging parents or relatives are happy? In a survey, 28 percent of older Americans revealed that retirement isn’t all that it seems to be and that they are unhappy with retirement. There are various reasons that can contribute to an older person’s unhappiness, with chronic conditions and financial concerns leading the list of problems. But despite health issues and money problems, there’s one thing that can make life cheerier and more fulfilling for our elderly loved ones, and that’s art.

Whether it’s visual or performing arts, pursuing creative endeavors can help everyone find joy as they age. Moreover, it’s a way to keep learning, which is an important part of living no matter your age is. Here are all the ways art can make life better as we age. 

It eases feelings of depression

As we get older, our body starts showing the signs of aging, among which are common health conditions such as, arthritis and heart problems. According to the CDC, depression is more common among older adults who have a chronic health condition. If your elderly loved one is showing signs of anxiety or depression, encourage them to engage in an artistic hobby as it can help to ease negative feelings. Whether it’s learning to draw or sketch a cat or trying to master a simple ballroom dance, art can help to boost one’s mood and prevent mental health problems in the long run.

It allows for more socialization

Retirees who choose to age in place are more likely to be socially isolated than those who live in assisted living facilities. But engaging in any art form can help to ease loneliness and prevent isolation, as older adults can interact with others while perfecting their craft. Try signing up your parent or relative to a drawing or dance class at the community center. If your loved one wishes to dabble in photography, encourage them to go to the nearest park and take snapshots of people, objects or nature scenes. Getting out of the house is the first step to becoming more social and encourages conversations with others about their art or hobby.

It can fulfill dreams and aspirations

Maybe your loved one has always wanted to have a mini art exhibit. Or perhaps your older relative always wanted to record covers of favorite songs. That’s the beauty about art—it knows no limits and goes beyond age, beliefs, gender and race, and it’s never too late to do such things, as long as one has the passion for it. Encourage your loved one to make concrete steps to fulfill his or her dreams. The satisfaction of having a dream realized can create feelings of joy that can help improve health in many ways.

Art can heal, entertain and provide happiness for people of all ages. Help your loved one pursue their artistic passions for their overall well-being and happiness.