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Blogging in Place

A New Pathway To Improved Mobility and Reducing Lower Back Pain

May 25 2018

By John East; MSS, CSCS

We all know that most older adults would like to remain independent and live in their homes for as many years as possible, and that for many of them the determining factor will become their ability to maintain mobility.

Power Guide Training Systems is excited to be able to introduce a new training protocol which will help to stimulate the upper hamstring and gluteal muscles in a way which may help keep an older adult out of a wheelchair, or at least delay the need for one. We are also seeing a significant reduction and most often elimination of lower back pain.

This training system has been fully endorsed by Dan Ritchie, president of The Functional Aging Institute, which has agreed to partner with Power Guide Training Systems to bring it to as many older adults as possible.

While our number one goal of helping to keep millions of older adults out of wheelchairs may seem like a stretch, we now have orthopedic and spinal surgeons and non-surgeons who believe it can be achieved with the use of this system.

Please visit Power Guide Training Systems at https://powerguidetraining.com/about/ to learn more about how we can reach our goals together.

John East, President of Power Guide Training Systems, LLC