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Three Smart Home Technologies To Keep Older Adults Safe

Oct 10 2018

By Jess Walter

 Photo by Mariia Chalaya on Unsplash

As we age we become increasingly concerned about our safety at home. This concern is validated by the more than 1.03 million home invasions that take place in the USA every year according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Thanks to an influx of smart devices hitting the consumer market, it is becoming increasingly easier for older adults to safely age in place. The following technologies will enable you to not only know who is lurking around your property but also help limit access to your home while alerting you of any drastic decreases in your air quality as well.

Smart security cameras

Investing in a smart security camera system will enable you to see what goes on around your home at all times. Most of these systems, such as the Blink XT, are easy to set up and can be placed wherever they are required. Smart camera systems can be connected to a large, freestanding screen within the home, as well as a to a smartphone via a dedicated app. Such a system works very well when coupled with a panic button, allowing you to call for help as soon as any trespassers are spotted.

Smart door locks

Older adults need easy-to-manage systems as far as home security and general accessibility are concerned. One home innovation that is playing a pivotal part in enabling older adults to age in place is the smart lock. Smart lock technology doesn’t only provide customized access and make caregiver management both safer and easier but it also allows family members to monitor the safety of their loved one. There are a number of smart locks on the market, such as the Schlage Sense and the Yale Assure with a Z-Wave module, that can easily help incorporate smart lock technology into homes.

Smoke and CO detectors

External threats are not the only ones that older adults have to contend with. Anyone can quickly be overcome by gas and smoke inhalation making it paramount to detect both fire and gas emissions as soon as they occur. There are a number of innovative technologies, such as the Nest Protect, that can alert to any changes in air quality. Apart from sounding an almost-deafening alarm, the Protect also makes use of the speaker to inform you whether it is smoke or carbon monoxide that has been detected, where in the house it is originating from and to what extent it is a danger to you. Most smart CO detectors can also easily be linked to a smartphone, sending alerts out to your own phone or to a caregiver or family member that can come to your aid.

Feeling, and being, safe and secure in your own home is a very important part of aging in place. By taking full advantage of the various smart technologies available on the market, you will find yourself significantly more relaxed knowing that your home is indeed a safe haven you can grow old in.