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Understanding Medicare

Oct 16 2018

By Danielle Kunkle

During our working lives, we often have our health insurance options chosen for us by our employers. When we turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare, suddenly we have to learn how a national health insurance program like Medicare works and then make all of our own insurance decisions surrounding that coverage. It’s often overwhelming and confusing to decipher the moving parts, let alone choose supplemental coverage that fits our needs and budget.

We recommend starting with the basics. Understanding Medicare begins with first learning how Original Medicare works, and then evaluating options to cover the gaps that Medicare doesn’t. So Boomer Benefits has put together this free 6-Day Medicare Mini Course to help new Medicare beneficiaries learn the basics and the terminology. The course consists of daily emails that explain Medicare in simple terms. Each email also includes a short video to explain the day’s lesson topic. The course is free and designed to make Medicare easy for people who are turning 65 soon, so sign up here and you’ll receive your welcome email and first lesson in just a few minutes. 

Here is the link https://boomerbenefits.com/learn-medicare/