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Starting A New Holiday Tradition This Year

Nov 28 2018

 Photo by Ravi Kohli on Unsplash

By Jess Walter

Christmas is supposed to be a magical time for children and families. Unfortunately, the holiday season can create a lot of stress and expense for older adults. Many grandparents get into the tradition of hosting the holidays at their home. This can lead to a lot of holiday stress, between the need to decorate and clean the house and prepare a massive meal. For your health and enjoyment of the holidays, it might be time to consider letting this year be the year you start a new holiday tradition.

Turn your holiday into a stress-free vacation

While it is true that traveling for the holidays can be stressful, you don't necessarily have to leave for a Christmas vacation two-days before Christmas, for example. Leaving several days before Christmas and returning several days after can help you avoid the bulk of holiday travelers. If you live in areas where it gets cold and snowy, a visit to someplace warm might be good for your spirit, to say nothing of symptoms related to arthritis or similar conditions.

Traveling for the joy of it can also help you avoid holiday stress. It also creates an opportunity for you to visit your family members individually after you return so that you can share souvenirs and photographs with the ones you love. This visit may have a lot more potential for a fun holiday than a frantic and stressful get together.

Share the day with family by visiting instead of hosting

If you can't imagine going away for the holidays, perhaps you ought to adjust how you celebrate them. Cooking a massive meal and prepping your house for multiple guests is a lot of work. It may be time to start letting the younger members of your family assume that role.

You can also alternate between houses each year if you have multiple children, or you can start a new tradition at the same home each year. In order to keep traditions alive, you may want to bring a few of your signature dishes or share your recipes with loved ones. When someone else hosts, while you do have to travel, the only thing you have to worry about is showing up and getting the right gifts for the people you love.

The holidays are meant to be a time that brings the family together and creates joy. Unfortunately, some of the holiday rituals people develop do not bring their family closer. They may even create unnecessary strain during the holiday season that detracts from your enjoyment. If you find the holidays to be stressful, this year may be the year to change your approach to celebrating.