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Healthy Foundation: Four Benefits of Tracking Your Water Intake

May 22 2019

By Emma Sturgis

If you don’t believe that Americans are basically obsessed with liquids, just look around at your co-workers’ desks or the aisles of a grocery store dedicated to liquids. In a world of so many liquid options, it’s easy to forget the one that will always be the purest, most natural health drink: water. Discover four benefits you’ll see after committing to increasing your daily water intake and tracking how much water you drink per day.

It Helps with Weight Loss or Weight Maintenance

Whether you are focused on losing weight or simply maintaining your current weight, tracking your water intake to make sure you meet or exceed the recommendations for your body weight can be immensely beneficial. Water also makes you feel less hungry throughout the day. The next time you want to pick up that salty or sugary snack, drink a full glass of water and wait a full five minutes.

Track Your Progression to Healthy Skin

Your skin is literally full of water. Like most people, you’ve certainly woken up, looked in the mirror and seen that your face looks dry, sallow and lackluster. You’re likely dehydrated. Collagen, the protein that greatly contributes to your skin’s overall elasticity and level of firmness, simply can’t work efficiently without water. Drinking water “plumps” your skin. Upping your water intake and tracking it closely along with notable changes in your skin’s appearance and texture can be beneficial to help you establish a pro-water mindset that can last a lifetime.

Skip the Fancy Cleanses and Go to the Original Detox Cleanse: Water

Your body’s liver and kidneys are the ultimate filtration system. From processed sugars to alcohol, these organs’ job is to filter out toxins. One of the very best things you can do to keep your organs in top shape and detox all those toxins is simply to drink lots (seriously, lots) of water! In fact, even people with severe kidney damage that are undergoing treatment, such as that provided by the Baxter Dialysis Machine, focus on something as simple and natural as upping their water intake to help their liver.

Track the Effect of Water Intake on Your Mood

Did you know that mild dehydration is one of the most common reasons that you may feel a little cranky, headachy, groggy or simply feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? When your body is thirsty, it takes it out on everything from your overall mood, to your energy level. A recent study of college-age women found that the more water that the women drank each day, the better they reported their mood and energy level. Feeling cranky or tired in the morning? Up your water levels and track it with notes regarding how your overall mental mood improves.

The best way to commit to increasing your water intake is with a water intake tracker. This allows you to manually input the amount of water you drink each day. There are many apps, some stand-alone and some as part of other wellness apps, that allow you to track water. Look for an app or digital journal that also has room to make notes about your overall feeling of health, mood, energy, concentration level, weight loss, etc. As you continually track, you will be surprised at how directly correlated your water intake is to your overall health and wellness.