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Four Types of Health Assessments to Be Aware of as You Age

Aug 07 2019

By Emma Sturgis

Aging is an inevitable process. It can bring greater concern to your overall health as risk of certain ailments increases. Be mindful of your health and remember the following four types of health assessments to carry out as you age.


Colonoscopies test for colorectal cancer, a type of cancer that starts in the colon and rectum. During a colonoscopy a flexible, lighted tube is inserted into the rectum and colon. A camera on the tube shows the contents of the colon and rectum. The whole point of this test is to see whether a person has any dangerous polyps—called adenomas. If adenomas are found, they can be removed by a medical professional. On healthy individuals who do not have polyps, cancer or risk factors, a colonoscopy is needed only once every decade. However, people who are found to have those things should get a colonoscopy once every five years. Even if some adenomas are missed when performing a test, it is usually no big deal because cancerous growths usually grow very slowly. It is suggested that people ages 50 to 75 get colonoscopies.

Hearing Tests

As you or a loved one gets older, you might not even realize a decrease in hearing ability. This can be such a subtle change over time. Our ears go through a lot through our lifetimes, so hearing loss can be common. If you notice you are asking others to repeat what they say often, you will want to look into getting a hearing test. Talking to a hearing aid provider can end up greatly increasing your quality of life as you are able to hear all the sounds of the world around you.

Testicular Examinations

Testicular cancer usually hits young and middle-aged men. Some medical professionals suggest that men who are 15 to 55 perform self-examinations on a regular basis. Also, testicular cancer screening should be included in examinations. To get an idea of when men are the most at risk, 33 is the average age of diagnosis. Men over the age of 55 experience testicular cancer eight percent of the time, while children and teens experience testicular cancer six percent of the time.

Diabetes Testing

After the age of 45, people must go for diabetes testing. The tests consist of taking a blood sample and measuring the amount of glucose that is present in it. High levels of glucose in the blood are indicative of diabetes mellitus.