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From Simple to Extravagant—Four Things to Consider When Planning a Funeral

Aug 07 2019

By Anica Oaks

The loss of a loved one is heart-breaking and often necessitates the quick planning of a funeral. Funerals can be small or large, elaborate or very simple. They can include a religious component or a more secular viewpoint. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan a funeral for your loved one.

Honoring the Deceased’s Wishes

One of the first things you should consider when planning a funeral is the deceased’s expressed wish regarding their final ritual. Some people have very specific ideas about their funeral and may have provided written instructions. Others dislike thinking about their death and may have made no plans for a funeral. In either case, you should always think about the personality of the deceased and choose funeral items to suit them. Individuals who are very restrained and low-key may have preferred a quiet and dignified ceremony. More outgoing individuals may want all the bells and whistles for their funeral.

Keeping Costs in Mind

The expected cost of the funeral is another area to keep in mind. If sufficient funds are available for an elaborate funeral—that the deceased would have preferred—you can choose top of the line products for this important occasion. But there are also a number of quality, lower priced funeral options available. Your funeral home & crematorium can provide a broad range of price points, to ensure an appropriate funeral for your loved one.

Notifying Friends & Relatives

Many families have a wide circle of friends and members that live in other areas of the country. You may need to schedule the funeral to allow attendees to travel. Your funeral director can help you determine the appropriate length of time needed to ensure family members and friends are able to attend.

Celebrating the Deceased’s Life

A common tradition is to have the group attending the funeral gather at a relative’s home or at a restaurant to eat, drink and honor the deceased, share memories and give comfort to close family members. This get-together can be a wonderful way to renew old acquaintances and remember the special impact the deceased had.

A funeral provides an opportunity to honor a loved one’s passing in a unique and meaningful way. The act of gathering together with friends and loved ones to say good-bye offers comfort for those left behind and a chance to reconnect with others. If you keep these basic points in mind, you will be able to give your loved one the funeral they deserve.