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Four Ways to Preserve Independence as You Age

Aug 19 2019

By Emma Sturgis

A healthy lifestyle can help to ensure that older adults are able to maintain a greater degree of independence in their later years. While eating well and finding ways to stay fit can make a difference, issues like chronic medical conditions may still begin to take a toll. From devices and equipment that can help to overcome impaired mobility to assisted living services, there are many resources that can help to preserve independence well into older age.

Staying Fit and Active

Proper nutrition and regular exercise are essential for keeping the body fit and healthy. A sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of numerous diseases and medical conditions and may also compound the severity of a mobility impairment. An active lifestyle is one of the cornerstones for ensuring that older adults are able to remain healthy and independent.

Overcoming Mobility Impairment

Mobility impairments can be a major challenge. A cane, walker or even a wheelchair can help to ensure that those who suffer from impaired mobility can still manage to get around with minimal assistance. Additional equipment, such as a stair lift or vehicles that are able to accommodate a wheelchair mean that even the most significant impairments can still be overcome.

Home Healthcare Services

Seeking professional assistance in order to manage a medical condition or to provide older adults with help performing self-care and everyday tasks can also be an important resource. Elderly home care services can provide older adults with an alternative to assisted living facilities. The ability to remain within the home can provide a greater degree of independence.

Assisted Living Solutions

Communities and residential arrangements that can provide the elderly with a supervised environment or the assistance they need to manage everyday tasks may have much to offer. While total-care facilities may be the only option for those who are no longer able to care for themselves, other facilities can vary in terms of the services and level of care provided. Many assisted living arrangements can provide residents with more freedom and independence than they might imagine.

Ensuring that old age does not rob an individual of their independence may require a wide range of resources. Learning more about different care options or devices that are designed to provide mobility assistance can allow families to create a plan of care custom tailored to the needs of their loved one. Overcoming the physical limitations associated with old age can be an easier undertaking for those who have access to the best resources and solutions.