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Four Ways Baby Boomers Can Improve Mobility While Aging

Sep 12 2019

By Kara Masterson

As you are aging, the process can lead to mobility issues with balancing problems and stiff joints. However, there are ways to improve mobility by using special methods or items to help you with the process. To avoid sitting in a chair or reclining in a bed, consider these four ways to increase mobility.

Physical Therapy

With physical therapy, you can learn how to use a damaged knee, hip or ankle again. If you incur an injury, have a stroke or develop arthritis, then a physical therapist can plan customized exercises. When you are unable to move your legs, the therapist can lift and move the limbs to improve flexibility and mobility of the joints in this body part. With multiple therapy sessions, mobility will improve gradually, making normal daily living possible again.

Heat Treatments

The application of heat to the body can improve mobility by reducing the pain in tendons, muscles and joints. There are several ways to enjoy a heat treatment, including a hot bath or shower, but you can also use other types of heat treatments. You can use a heating pad on a stiff joint, or alternatively, you can create a warm compress with a small towel that is saturated with hot water.

Assistive Devices

When balancing and strength is an issue during the natural aging process, you can visit a medical supply store to rent or buy a folding walker. You can bring this assistive device when you need additional support while standing and walking. It is easy to bring this device in a vehicle so that it is still possible to engage in social activities rather than only sitting at home.

Dietary Supplements

While consuming a healthy diet is imperative, dietary supplements can improve the condition of your body’s joints and muscles. These dietary supplements often contain micronutrients that will improve the condition of your joints or muscles so that your mobility will increase within a few weeks. Some of the best supplements will contain omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin D or turmeric.

Using More Than One Method for Improving Your Mobility

For optimal benefits for your body, consider using more than one of these ways to improve your mobility. These can be from changing your diet to increased mobility. Make sure to consult a physician first to avoid any complications with prescription medications or if you have issues chronic pain.