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Get What You Deserve: Four Benefits of Working with a Lawyer While Claiming Social Security

Oct 16 2019

By Emma Sturgis

When you cannot work because of a disability, you may ask the Social Security Administration to declare you disabled. Anyone can apply for benefits, but Social Security does not approve everyone who applies. There are attorneys who will help you get what you deserve and do it for a reasonable price: a part of your “back pay.” There are four benefits to working with an attorney to get your Social Security.

Know Your Chances before You Apply

The first is you can know your chances before you apply. Social Security lays out how one needs to qualify for benefits in various publications and on their website. These insurance details and requirements overwhelm applicants and discourage them from applying for their benefits. Social Security attorneys can analyze and explain your situation so you can understand. These initial consultations are usually helpful and are almost always free.

The Attorney Can Gather and Submit Evidence

The second benefit of hiring a Social Security attorney is the attorney can gather and submit evidence for you. The Social Security Administration needs supporting documents to prove your disability. The attorney needs your permission to speak with your doctor and send your documents to the Social Security Administration. The lawyer will make sure the documents are formatted and presented correctly. This decreases the chance of a mistake in your application and could delay the process.

Attorneys Not Paid Unless You Win

A third benefit of hiring a Social Security attorney is you don’t pay the attorney unless you win. This is known as taking a case on “contingency.” When they get paid, they get paid from any back pay you win. They are prohibited from charging you over 25 percent of your back pay. There is no financial burden or strain on you for representation.

Representation Increases Your Chances of Winning

A fourth benefit of having a Social Security attorney is an increase in your odds of winning the case. This becomes truer as one navigates through the process. Your attorney should keep you informed about your case and what may/should happen next. Your Social Security attorney will use his/her experience, which will pay you dividends.

A disability attorney is a good resource when filing for disability, especially one who you can trust with your case. A disability attorney will give you the best chance at successfully navigating the detail-filled Social Security system. They will provide peace of mind throughout the journey.