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Do I Have to Get Dentures? Three Alternatives in Dental Care

Oct 22 2019

By Anita Ginsburg

When it comes to having issues with your teeth, there can be a lot of questions. When your teeth are badly decayed, cracked or missing, multiple solutions can be used. While dentures are a common tooth replacement method, they’re not the only procedure that you can have performed to fix your problem.


Made from both composite and porcelain, dental veneers are a common solution to fix aesthetic issues with teeth. A dental veneer is simply a layer that is placed over the tooth. It assists in protecting the surface of the tooth from damage while enhancing the look of the patient’s smile. When veneers are installed, they’re typically installed over all the teeth to create a more flattering smile.


If you’re currently missing teeth, then implants can be a great option. These work by installing a physical rod into the gum line. This is ideal for patients who have strong gum tissue. If you’re lacking the proper tissue health, your dental professional will likely recommend dental bridges instead. Once the rod is installed in the gum line, a false tooth will be attached to it. This tooth will enhance the appearance of your smile while allowing you to do normal functions, like chewing, more efficiently.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a common option for those who don’t have healthy enough gum lines to have an implant installed or those who don’t have the money to afford an implant. Bridges work by utilizing existing teeth as anchors to hold a false tooth in place. These are ideal to install a false tooth in an area where there is a tooth missing or severely damaged. The bridge will have two end caps, which are formulated to look like teeth. These end caps get glued onto the existing teeth on either side of the missing or severely damaged tooth. In the middle of the end caps is the false tooth that will be covering the gap or the severely damaged tooth. Bridges are a great option for those who cannot afford an implant.

When you have problems with your teeth, it can have your mind racing with many different questions. While dentures were a big solution utilized in the past, their popularity is slowly starting to fade. With many other options out there, which can provide a better look and more comfortable fit for patients, it’s no wonder that the use of dentures is going out of style.