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Five Tips for Handling Back Pain as a Senior

Nov 14 2019

By Lizzie Weakley

Many older adults experience back pain on a daily or intermittent basis, but there are ways to overcome this problem. Consider these five options for improving the condition of your back or eliminating the pain in your back.

Stretching Exercises

Gentle exercise is one of the best ways to improve the condition of your back, but you must use caution when you are out of shape. Some of the exercises that can increase the flexibility and strength in your back include stretching your arms above your head, raising a bent leg from the floor   and bending over slowly. Begin by only performing these movements for a few minutes before increasing the workout gradually to 30 minutes. Consult your doctor about your routine. They can help you know what would be best for you.

   Losing Weight

   Excess weight can lead to back pain that is excruciating to cope with each day. The extra pounds on the abdomen and hips can pull on the muscles of your back, and also, walking when you are obese can cause back pain. By changing your daily diet and increasing your physical activity, you can begin to lose weight, helping to improve the condition of your back.

Professional Pain Control

You should visit a medical office where there are specialists who understand the back and spine. In a professional back pain management facility, you can find relief from the discomfort that is making it impossible to have a normal daily life. Physicians can examine your spine and back to determine if there is a serious issue that requires surgery or physical therapy.

Avoid Carrying Heavy Items

If you are carrying a heavy backpack or handbag, then it can change the alignment of your back, leading to discomfort. You may need to change the way that you carry heavier items, such as grocery bags so that you won’t have pain the next day. To reduce pain in your back, you may need to use wheeled carts or suitcases to move heavy objects.

Supportive Back Braces

A supportive back brace can help you overcome back pain. There are ready-made and customized back braces that are designed for supporting different areas of your back. Make sure to measure carefully when you are buying a back brace so that the device will fit properly.

Cold or Hot Therapy for Back Pain

Cold ice packs or warm heating pads can provide occasional relief for your back problems. However, if you continue to have serious back pain, then you should seek professional help.