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Four Slip and Fall Threats Every Older Person Should Be Aware Of

Nov 14 2019

By Anica Oaks

Slip and fall accidents can affect anyone, but older adults are especially prone to these mishaps. If you’re older and want to keep yourself safe, making yourself aware of the potential slip and fall accidents that many elderly people are more prone to can help you avoid bodily harm. Here are four slip and fall threats that every older person should know.

Slick Bathtubs

Many older adults are affected by accidents that occur when they get in or out of bathtubs. A slick bottom surface coupled with balance and coordination problems that some elderly people experience can result in falls that cause serious bodily harm. Having your tub cleaned regularly to remove any soap, shampoo or other grooming products that can leave the bottom surface of your tub slippery will be to your advantage. Putting a rubber mat on the bottom of your tub can also help you remain stabilized.

Icy Surfaces

If you live in an area that’s prone to winter freezes, you may be at risk for slipping on outdoor surfaces where ice has formed. If you’re a resident of a retirement community, icy surfaces should be treated regularly by management to prevent people like you from slipping and falling. You may be eligible for compensation if you live in a place where management is responsible for keeping walking surfaces slick-free but failed to do so, and a personal injury referral company can help you with your claim.

Poor Lighting

Insufficient lighting decreases visibility and will make it harder for you to see potential dangers that could be lurking on walking surfaces. If you need to walk through a hallway or another area with poor lighting, be sure to use any handrails or other installations that can help you maintain stability. It’s also best to notify the people who are in charge of the maintenance so that the poor lighting issues can hopefully be addressed.

Medication Side Effects

Even the medication that you take can increase your chances of sustaining a slip and fall accident. Some blood pressure medicines and other types of medication are known to cause dizziness and a loss of coordination in some people. If you happen to walk across a slippery surface while experiencing these side effects, you could be more vulnerable to injury. Your doctor may be able to switch your medications if these side effects persist.

You have the power to keep yourself safe from slip and fall accidents. By knowing the potential dangers and taking the proper precautions to avoid them, you’ll be able to progress through your golden years with less risk of bodily harm.