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How Older Adults Can Retire at Home Near the Resources They Need

Dec 03 2019

By Meghan Belnap

When the time comes for older adults to retire, many wonder what their next step will be. While some retirees choose to begin this next phase of their lives in senior homes, there are other options. Retirees that prefer to age at home should consider the following suggestions.

Move to a Senior Living Community 

Retirees that hope to keep living at home should consider making the move to a senior living community. These types of communities give retirees access to a built-in social circle of neighbors that are all elderly adults. Community homes for adults like this gives anyone of retirement age the opportunity to be surrounded by caring and attentive friends without being as secluded as they may if they continued living by themselves in a house in a typical neighborhood.

Hire an In-Home Assistant

Hiring an in-home assistant is another option for retirees that prefer to age in place. Instead of being sent off to an assisted living facility, in-home assistants help care for retirees' medical needs as they age. For most retirees, the cost to hire in-home assistance is significantly lower than the fees charged by nursing homes.

In addition to saving more money, older adults that live at home with the help of an assistant tend to have a better quality of life. With rampant reports on elderly abuse in nursing homes, choosing to live at home with the help of an in-home assistant is often the safer option for most.

Use Tele-Doc Services

It should come as no surprise that retirement-aged individuals need to be proactive about their health. As many retirees don't have the mobility necessary to visit the doctor on a regular basis, many rely on virtual visit providers. With tele-doc services and similar options, these elderly individuals can make sure their medical needs are addressed as promptly as possible.

Make Renovations for Safer Living

Retirees that decide to live in their own homes must take precautions to prevent falls at home. As falls and similar injuries account for an average of 25 percent of hospital admissions, it’s important that retirement-aged individuals make renovations for safer living. By upgrading their home to include better lighting, handrails, fewer stairs, shower grab bars and similar renovations, retirees will be safer as they age in place from the comfort of their own homes.

Aging at home gives older adults a certain level of freedom that other options don’t. Let this information inspire you to make the best decision when it comes to your retirement.