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Aging Independently: Five Health Products to Keep Older Adults Independent Longer

Dec 09 2019

By Anita Ginsburg

Aging is not something that we can stop, no matter how much we want to. However, there are some things that we can do to our bodies that will allow us the ability to sustain our independence longer. Here are five products that will assist you.

Exercise Putty

Maintaining hand strength is a necessity for doing basic tasks. Even those with arthritis can benefit from the regular exercise of their hands. Exercise putty is a simple tool that can be utilized to allow for exercising the hands. Place them at convenient locations around the home, like beside the recliner or bed to ensure that you remember to use them regularly.

Button Hooks

Arthritis is a common problem that many older adults experience. Not being able to do comfortable tasks can get quite irritating. With simple devices like the button hook, any afflicted adult can easily button their shirt with ease. They won’t have to fumble around with fingers that are gripping the button incorrectly or ask for help getting dressed every day.

Compression Socks

Those who are dealing with venous disorders, like edema can have trouble just getting around. Through the use of compression socks, you can reduce the amount of swelling in your legs by enhancing your circulation. While the traditional white, medical compression socks may not be the most glamorous to look at, you don’t have to settle for not wearing them. You can get a ton of stylish or fun compression sock designs that will fit with your every style. This will ensure that you wear them more often.

Non-Slip Mats

Whether you’re in the shower or just entering your home, you need to have a stable surface that you can walk on. Even the slightest bit of water created by that snow you trucked in the house can create instability. Consider laying down non-slip mats throughout your home to ensure that you stay put no matter what the environment.

Grab Bars

These convenient bars can be placed all-around your home. Simply pay attention to the spots where you need an extra hand. Some popular spots include near steps, in the bathtub and next to the bed. There are a variety of these grab bars available. They apply to the surface in various fashions. For example, there are suction cup grab bars for the shower that lock in place.

There are many products out there, which can help the older individual(s) in your life stay more independent. The above are just five of these types of products. Think about the activities that your loved one enjoys and look for products that can assist them in doing so.