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Four Things to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

Jan 03 2020

By Anica Oaks

If you’ve reached the point in your life where you need help with your daily activities, then an assisted living facility may be just for you. People who opt for this type of living facility are usually those who don’t want to place the burdens of their day to day activities on family members or close friends. Here are four things you should consider when choosing the right assisted living facility for you.


Think of picking the right assisted living facility as choosing your ideal home. You want to pick a location that you enjoy being at. Whether you want to stay at a home that is out in the woods or one that is near the town, the choice is yours. Just consider the location to things around you, such as family members, your doctor’s office and the store. There’s no point in moving to a facility that cuts you off from having access to the normal things in your life.


An assisted living facility can range from only a handful of residents to hundreds of residents. Picking a facility that has a size that you’re comfortable with is important. It’s vital to note that the larger the facility, the more likely they are to have desirable amenities, such as an onsite park or movie theater. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in a large place, then opt for a smaller, quainter facility.

Staff to Resident Ratio

One important factor you should take into consideration when deciding on a facility is the staff to patient ratio. At facilities that have a small ratio, there may only be one staff member per five to six residents. This ensures that the staff member will get to know you and your needs. At assisted living facilities with a larger ratio, you may receive less personalized attention as staff members may be overseeing ten to 20 residents at a time.


Lastly, we have the cost. While it shouldn’t be your only deciding factor of the facility that you choose, it should be an important one. You need to be able to comfortably afford the assisted living facility. Take some time to plan out your budget and see what price range you can comfortably afford to pay out to the facility.

Deciding to move to an assisted living facility can be a big one. Now, it’s time to find the right facility for you. The above four considerations should help you along the path of deciding on the right facility to fit your individual needs.