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Retired Not Dead—Four Fun and Unusual Homes for Your Golden Years

Jan 15 2020

By Kara Masterson

When it comes to finding a place to live during your retirement, you might think that you’re relegated to traditional and typical options. Instead of choosing a mundane living space, select a home that allows you to both express and dwell in your creativity.

Chic Apartment

Going to shows, checking out museums and exploring historical sites are all engaging activities that the urban life affords to you. Retiring often means downsizing for many people, so you don’t necessarily need to worry about the massive price tag that is attached to larger city apartments. Instead, look for a space with one bedroom or two for guests and just enough room to relax. After all, you’ll probably spend a decent amount of time outside of the apartment exploring the sites.

Country Cabin

If you’ve always dreamed of living out in the country near a tranquil and serene setting, now is the time. This cabin in the country might rest by a body of water where you can enjoy fishing sessions early in the morning or boating activities with the grandkids during the summer months. Another possibility is to procure a cozy home in the middle of a wine country or to seek out ranch land sales near lush farm lands. You might choose to make this property your main one or to vacation there during the prime seasons.

International Property

Instead of limiting your explorations to traveling abroad, you can also purchase a home that is abroad. A number of options exist. For example, you may wish to purchase a permanent property in another country and finally live out the life that you have always dreamed of. You may also look into a smaller vacation home that you visit several times per year. Keep in mind that you could rent out this home when you aren’t there so that you can generate an income.

Traveling Home

While you may not want to sell your main home and move into an RV, you could look for a traveling home in which to dwell for the majority of the year. Opting for this type of property means that you can check out so many different places across the country. You can look for communities of people with similar interests and pursuits and make some newfound and amazing bonds. If exploring is what you want to do, select a home that is directly aligned with this pursuit.

The golden years of your life should certainly glisten. When you have the right living space, you can make this wish a true reality.