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Dispelling Five Misconceptions about Assisted Living Communities

Mar 02 2020

Assisted living communities allow older adults to live a healthy and independent life while receiving the care they deserve. These communities enable elderly people to enjoy an active social life that’s otherwise not possible when living in a family home or alone. 

However, moving into an assisted living community from a family home isn’t an easy decision. Most older adults are not only anxious about moving to an unfamiliar environment but also concerned about the resources and services available there. Further, several myths surrounding assisted living communities can make a one ambivalent towards the idea of adopting this lifestyle.

In this post, we aim at clearing the misconceptions about assisted living, allowing you or your older loved one to make this transition and enjoy the new experiences it brings. 

  1. Not Everyone Can Afford Assisted Living Communities 

The most common myth about assisted living is that they are pricey. In fact, many believe that aging at home is more affordable. But the fact is, those aging in their family homes tend to rely on their families who are often unequipped to manage age-related needs and disabilities. Further, those aging at home are proven to feel lonely and isolated, posing serious health risks. Add to this the caregiving costs, medical equipment rent payment, home maintenance and other utilities. All this can make aging in place expensive in the long term. This causes unnecessary emotional and financial strain. 

On the other hand, assisted living communities offer special care services and amenities, namely timely meals, utilities, medication management, incontinence care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and support with activities of daily living (ADL), allowing them to live a quality life. Thus, if you compare the costs in the long term, assisted living emerges as a cheaper option. 

  1. Assisted Living Community Doesn’t Feel Like Home

The whole idea of assisted living communities is to offer strong community support to aging adults while promoting an independent lifestyle. Therefore, everyone from the staff to the community members goes out of their way to make each other feel at home. As a member of an assisted living facility, you will have access to modern amenities that make life comfortable, home-cooked meals, housekeeping services and fun activities. 

Further, modern assisted living facilities allow older adults to furnish their rooms as per their preferences. Imagine getting your favorite furniture and knick-knacks to make your living space look familiar and inviting! 

  1. There’s No Independence in Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living facilities encourage individuals to be independent for as long as it’s safe. Most facilities offer spacious floor plans that offer aging adults the freedom to furnish their space, socialize with a like-minded community, and pursue a wide range of recreational activities. If you can drive safely, you don’t even need to relinquish your driving rights. You have complete independence to explore the world around you. 

These facilities have an array of social activities and events; however, whether or not you want to participate in them is up to you. No one will judge or force you to do something you are not comfortable doing. Thus, moving to assisted living can help aging adults live an active and fulfilling life, positively affecting their physical and emotional well-being. 

  1. Only Terminally-Ill People Move to Assisted Living Communities 

True - assisted living communities offer a variety of care options for dementia, mental health and terminal illnesses. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider this transition while you are still active and healthy. These facilities provide modern amenities, wellness services and a safe environment that improve quality of life and overall health. 

So, if you desire to age gracefully, it’s worth moving to this comfortable and independent lifestyle. 

  1. Life without Family Can Be Pretty Boring

There’s not a moment of dullness in assisted living facilities. They tend to have a strong community with a full activity calendar planned to engage older adults and encourage them to socialize. You can choose from games, fitness classes, recreational activities, trips to museums and events and offsite trips. All these activities aim at improving an aging adult’s cognitive and social skills. Thus, when compared with living at home, assisted living facilities are much more engaging and entertaining. 

Wrapping Up

Owing to the modern facilities, comfortable life, and independence they offer, assisted living facilities are fairly popular among aging adults. However, the myths surrounding these facilities can make it tough to overlook the world of benefits they offer. We hope the information shared in this post has cleared these misconceptions.


About the Author:
Amie Clark is the co-founder, senior editor, and the visionary behind
The Senior List. She loves to share her insight about topics related to senior living and caregiving with innovative eldercare products and services for their well-being. Her background in social work, especially with seniors and their families, has equipped her with the required knowledge and determination to express her thoughts and share best practices with others. She enjoys live music, traveling and going outdoors with her family. You can connect with her Twitter at @seniorlist.