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Blogging in Place

Outdoor Senior Activity

Mar 17 2020

Much of the country may still be experiencing cold weather, but March is actually a transitional month with the Daylight Savings time change and spring equinox. In preparation for warmer weather and longer days, LifeFone has actually posted a helpful blog that explains how activity and exercise benefits people of all ages and ability levels. 

Outdoor activity has been shown to promote physical and mental well being. While seniors and people with disabilities may feel limited, the truth is most can engage in reasonable activities—especially when provided with the peace of mind that comes with a medical alert system solution like LifeFone! 
Here’s a list of senior-friendly activities that are realistic for most mobile people:

  • Neighborhood Stroll – It’s amazing what a walk around the block can do, both physically and mentally. Some of history’s most influential people were avid walkers!
  • Swimming – Many seniors have their own pools or memberships at gyms with aquatic facilities. Swimming suits people of all ages and is low impact!
  • Lunch With Friends – Getting exercise doesn’t always mean running a marathon. Even lunch at the local café can get someone out of the house and active!
  • Museum & Art Gallery Visits – Most cultural centers are ADA compliant, which means they accommodate all people, including the wheelchair-bound!

LifeFone realizes seniors and people with disabilities feel particularly vulnerable when leaving their homes. Therefore, we’ve invested heavily into cutting edge “on the go” technology that provides peace of mind and encourages activity! 
Here are specific ways LifeFone empowers vulnerable populations to enjoy outdoor activities! 

  • Fall Alerts/Emergency Response: On-the-Go or At-Home
    • Peace of mind for patients and families!
  • GPS Location Data
    • Unaccompanied users can be found quickly regardless of location! 
  • Attractive, User-Friendly Devices
    • Comfortable and aesthetic devices promote user compliance!
  • Family/Care Provider Shared Data Access
    • “Knowledge is power” for families and care providers who want to know about dietary/medication adherence, medical events and daily activities!