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Five Things You Can Do to Stay Occupied During Retirement

Mar 30 2020

By Anica Oaks

Most people look forward to their retirement as a time where they can spend more time doing the things they love and less time navigating the everyday rat race. However, once they find themselves with large blocks of time on their hands, they can end up feeling bored and unmotivated. Here are five things they can do to stay occupied during retirement.

Purse Your Hobbies

Whether you enjoy gardening, knitting, painting, model building or jewelry making, retirement allows you more time to devote to these enjoyable activities. Many people learn to perfect their craft or hobby work and begin taking it to flea markets and neighborhood festivals to sell for extra cash. If you like to golf, a private country club membership will allow you to perfect your game with like-minded individuals, as well as provide opportunities to enjoy the social atmosphere.

Volunteer in Your Community

There are many organizations in your local community that can use an extra pair of hands to serve their mission. And you can choose whatever volunteer opportunity speaks to your particular interests and beliefs. Local food banks, hospitals or humane societies are all good places to look for volunteer spots that add meaning to life and help your community.

Get A Part-Time Job

Some individuals crave structure in their day, having the stimulation of being around other people and the sense of accomplishment in putting in a day of labor. A part-time job can be the perfect solution, giving you motivation to get up in the morning and keeping you in touch with the mainstream.


Traveling to faraway places is a favorite goal of retirees. Many individuals sign up with tour groups that offer safe travel to a wide variety of destinations. Renting an RV can be a great way to see the country. But travel doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Road trips with friends and family can still be a wonderful way to see new places at an affordable price.

Get Involved With Family

Having free time means you can be available to help out with family childcare, driving to kids’ activities and providing help to older family members. You may be able to transport a member that can no longer drive, help with shopping or take them out to a movie or community event. These actions help to strengthen family ties, as well as make sure all members have everything they need to thrive.

The slower pace and greater free time of the retirement years can be an opportunity to participate in more activities you enjoy. With a little research and experimentation, each individual can find an outlet for their own tastes and talents.