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The Power Pets Hold For Healing Older Adults

Apr 08 2020

As we age and grow older it’s difficult to come to terms with loosing loved ones and as this is a natural part of life it can be difficult to get through. While going through this many of us can experience symptoms of loneliness and depression. Choosing to adopt an animal can be a great distraction not only to improve your mental health but bring a new purpose in later life.

Increased social interaction

Adopting a furry friend in later life can have huge benefits. Bringing your new pet out can invite new conversations with new people as a friendly dog is a great conversation starter. Inviting relatives over to meet your new companion as well will spark an increase in social interaction overall. This will help you feel more connected to life. Why not look out for animal centred organizations and events where you can bring your new friend out. Getting involved and putting yourself out there with your new pet will attract like-minded people.


Too often in later life we can feel isolated but with a new pet you can start to share your day and have a great reason to wake up in the morning. “Animals are not just therapeutic, if you or your partner are suffering from dementia or perhaps brain disease a new pet can be a trusted companion to help out. Bonding with your new companion is a great distraction and will be a relief and more purpose for your everyday life. So why not give your new fluffy friend a well-deserved cuddle in the morning” explains Kevin Villani, a lifestyle writer at State of writing and Paper fellows.


In later life it’s important to stay present and check in with yourself along with others. While some of us can feel isolated when growing older animals can give a new lease of life and a great reason to wake up in the morning. Feeling lonely is a symptom many of us feel especially later in life, adopting a new friend will lead you to becoming more active and present. Pets can be outgoing and invite you to be active with them and so the loneliness will dissipate once you adopt a new friend.

Physical Exercise

Depending on the type of animal you decide to get, many will need to be taken out for some physical exercise during the day. This new-found adventure will not only keep your animal in high spirits, you too will be motivated to start the day with a breath of fresh air. Walking your new companion will also make your bond stronger and make your dog happier overall. Walking your dog will give you a sense of community, increasing your chances of meeting new people on your daily exercise. Commit to communal walks in your area and the chances of making bonds and new relationships with other dog owners will start to happen.

Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Problems. 

Cardiovascular Disease is one of the leading causes of death in the US. “While many people are at risk its beneficial to know that owning a new pet will get you out of the house and help you keep active. As cardiovascular problems begin with extra weight and risk of obesity going outside and keeping fit with your dog will lessen this risk and help you keep healthier” says Michael Register, a health blogger at Essayroo and Australianhelp. It has been scientifically proven that owning a pet is linked to less stress and lower blood pressure. Having a dog that needs to be walked will get you up and out earlier and otherwise keep you from staying at home and falling into negative habits. While there’s no need to run or cycle with your dog a brisk walk will do the trick.

Pets are a great distraction especially when the world appears grim as we age. Pets in general have a happier disposition and lead to happiness for their owners. Why not consider adopting a dog or cat today.

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