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Four Tips for Keeping Your Grandparents Healthy at Home

Aug 11 2020

By Anica Oaks

Caring for aging loved ones is both a privilege and a responsibility. During a pandemic, their health may become even more fragile due to limited doctor visits and increased exposure to germs, so it is important to take adequate precautions to protect your grandparents' health at home.


Everyone in the household should wash their hands for at least twenty seconds after going out in public and returning home. It may be helpful to wipe off packages and mail or let delivered items sit for a day before opening them to reduce possible germ contamination. Home surfaces should be frequently wiped with sanitizing products, and the house overall should be cleaned frequently. You may want to buy a 72 pack 8 oz antibacterial hand sanitizer gel to keep on hand for continuous cleansing and sanitation of the home's surfaces, like countertops, sinks and tabletops. When possible, air out the home by opening the windows in good weather.


Anyone who leaves the home and may come in contact with others in public places that may carry the virus should maintain six feet of distance, at least, from your elderly loved ones. Visits to the home should be infrequent and minimal in time to help prevent the spread of germs. Anyone with viral symptoms should be asked to not visit until the fever is gone or their symptoms have disappeared. Family members who cough, sneeze or have other types of potential viral symptoms should remain in another part of the home to reduce or eliminate the grandparents' exposure.

Masks if Needed

Many health experts are now recommending that families wear masks at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among relatives. Some people who carry the virus have no symptoms, so wearing a mask when around elderly people in your household could help to protect them from silent carriers. Certainly, masks should be worn in public and washed frequently to guard against germ exposure in public.

Medical Monitoring

Elderly people who show signs of any type of illness should be checked by their doctor and treated promptly. Some doctors are scheduling video visits while others are having patients come to their office. Don't let an older person with symptoms of illness wait until their condition worsens, when it may be harder to treat.

Caring for grandparents at home is a challenging but essential task for family members. Take these precautions and any others the doctor may suggest to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.