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Why More and More Older Adults Are Choosing Dental Implants Over Dentures

Sep 15 2020

by Anita Ginsburg

In generations past, as older people began losing their teeth, they opted for dentures as a replacement option. Sometimes called a partial plate for top or bottom artificial teeth, the device was also termed just dentures for a full range of teeth. In the past few decades, though, dental implants have grown in popularity to become the preferred choice of replacement teeth for seniors and other age groups as well. 


Today’s implant techniques have evolved to the point where teeth replacements look natural and are often more attractive than the person’s natural teeth. They blend in with any remaining teeth in the mouth and do not look artificial. Most observers never realize that someone has dental implants.


Dental implants are designed to match the existing dental structure in a person’s mouth not only to look good, but also to fit comfortably. Since they are surgically implanted, they do not move around or tilt. The implants remain firmly in place without causing awkwardness when eating or speaking. As permanent fixtures, the implants are not removed for cleaning or adjustments, so there is no risk of them becoming worn or wobbly from daily shifting.


The procedure of implanting dental replacements is precisely planned by using several techniques, including X-rays, measurements and molds. The new teeth are shaped to be situated in gaps where the natural teeth are missing, which enables the person to experience a high degree of comfort, as soon as the procedure is done.


Dental patients who get surgical implants typically report no problem with using their teeth for eating, speaking or chewing. They can use their dental implants normally without taking special precautions or exercising unusual care. The new additions can be treated and cleaned like regular teeth.


Dentures can get chipped, cracked, warped or worn over several years of use. In time, they may need to be replaced. Dental implants, on the other hand, are usually permanent. In the uncommon event that one should chip or break in the same manner as a normal tooth, it can be repaired or replaced.

Overall, getting dental implants is often more convenient and comfortable for many people. Since they last and require no extra effort once implanted, they should last for years. As confidence in evolving dentistry practice soars, more seniors than ever before are choosing to get dental implants and reporting great satisfaction with the results.