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Here’s How Older Adults Can Stay Warm and Stylish In Winter

Dec 01 2020

by Jess Walter

The winter season is almost here, and now is the perfect time to get your winter clothes out of storage and see if they’re still in good condition to keep you warm during the cold months. Staying warm should be a priority among older adults, as they tend to lose body heat faster than younger people. Moreover, health experts warn that older adults who constantly have a body temperature of 95 degrees or lower can be susceptible to various health problems, which include liver damage, heart attacks and kidney problems. Dressing warmly is the ultimate goal when choosing clothes for winter, but there are ways to stay comfy and cozy and look your best every day. Here’s a guide on how older adults can stay warm and stylish in winter. 

Update a basic coat with a warm scarf

Most of us own a basic winter coat in a neutral color, but you can change up your look by wearing a scarf in an interesting print or contrasting color. Using a scarf is one of the most inexpensive ways to update a basic outfit, and men and women of all ages can benefit from this easy styling trick, which will work with a number of outfits, saving you money in the long run. Choose a winter scarf to keep yourself warm, such as a knitted infinity scarf, which is easy to wear as you don’t have to fuss over how to tie or drape it. A plaid blanket scarf is also a good pick to keep you warm, and it’s a great accessory to liven up a simple black or camel colored coat. When shopping for scarves try them on to see if they’re comfortable to wear and avoid overly long scarves that can get caught in doors, or scarves with beads and fringes, as these may irritate your skin. 

Have a few different coats on rotation

You may love your trusty down parka jacket to keep the chill out, but since you’ll be wearing winter wear for the next few months, it only makes sense to have a few coats on rotation, so you won’t be stuck wearing the same thing until spring. Add some key winter pieces to your wardrobe, such as a smart lambswool coat in beige or black, which you can wear during the holidays. You may also want to get a jacket in a winter color, such as one in emerald green, cherry red or cobalt blue if you want a break from wearing neutrals. 

Don’t forget to wear a hat

People lose up to 50 percent of body heat through the head, so it’s essential to wear a hat to keep warm during the winter season. Some of the best and warmest winter hats for older adults include a cable knit beanie, which can block out cold breezes, and an insulated trooper hat with a faux fur lining, which is best worn during extreme weather conditions. Have a few hats on hand and coordinate your headgear to your coat so you’ll look more put together. 

Keeping warm can help you stay healthy during the winter season. Try these tips to stay warm and stylish and look and feel your best during the cold months.