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Why Hire An Interior Designer

Dec 01 2020

by Adriel Cogdal, ASID,CID,NCIDQ,CAPS, CLIPP, Adriel Designs, Orange County Chapter

Any home modification and/or remodel should be performed by qualified professionals. Interior Designers who are Certified Aging In Place Specialists (CAPS) or Certified Living In Place Professionals (CLIPP) are trained and certified to understand the unique and changing needs of the older adult population. They are well versed in codes and standards, product ideas, and have many resources needed to provide aesthetically pleasing, comprehensive and practical aging-in-place solutions. They can address such issues as diminished vision, hearing loss, flexibility and movement limitations and prepare the home for future issues that may occur during the lifetime of the client with the aim of keeping them safely in their homes and independent.

So, if you’ve been wrestling with the decision of hiring an expert to help you with your design project, here are some benefits derived from working with a professional interior designer.

  1. It will save you time. A designer knows what is to be done and when to do it. For example, should you put your lighting in first, or replace your floors? Should you hang your drapes first or paint the walls? Designers also know where to find any products needed to create the desired look and function of your space. You could spend days searching through dozens of internet sights and shopping every store in town looking for just the right piece. Your designer knows exactly where to go to get the piece that is perfect for your style and function of your space.  
  2. It will save you money. Have you ever gone furniture shopping? You fell in love with a sofa and bought it only to find out that it was way too big or way too small for the room? Have you ever purchased enough granite tiles to tile your entire house, because it was on sale, only to find out months later that the color doesn’t work with your existing granite fireplace or granite counter tops, and can’t be returned? Designers know how to coordinate color matching, size and style so they can prevent you from making costly mistakes.  They are also used to working with budgets and know how to get the most bang out of a buck and where to spend your money to increase the value of your home.
  3. Resources and Contacts. Designers know where to shop to find products that are accessible to the trade only so you have more options and choices than what is available from big box stores. They have referrals to trades people who are reliable and whom you can trust.
  4. Designers give you the WOW factor. A designer can see the whole concept and the whole picture that clients often cannot, all the while incorporating the elements of Aging in Place. They can give you the attention to detail from lighting, color palettes, furniture placement and fabric, tile selection, fixtures and window treatments, each appropriate for your lifestyle and taste. Every space will be beautiful, cohesive, well thought out and functional. Everything will fit perfectly and will be truly special.
  5. Increases value of home. Appraisals for homes that are rated Q1 (highest value) are “dwellings with unique structures that are designed by an architect or designer for a specified user using high grade materials throughout.”

A well thought out and incredibly designed space doesn’t happen by accident. They are planned and curated by professionals.