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Stephen Sutera, as an Elder Care Attorney, has developed a unique process to design and maintain an estate plan and elder advice. His goal is to assist his clients in controlling assets they have accumulated for themselves and their loved ones. He creates an estate plan that functions to meet the client’s expectations during their lifetime, in case of incapacity, and upon their death. Step one is a counseling process to uncover the needs of the client and their family and for the client to learn and understand the variety of options that will meet the client’s goals and desires. The client participates in the execution of the plan to have an understanding of the plan and how it affects their long-term legacy. The client will commit to update the plan based on changes that will occur throughout their life.  

A new component to his practice is offering a Lifecare Plan which is developed by the Elder Care Coordinator and the team.

The Elder Care Coordinator, Maureen Rafa RN, offers support to families whose elderly loved ones are at home, in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. This support includes assessing needed care, finding community services and acting as the elder’s advocate. This lightens the load for family caregivers, improves the elder’s quality of life, and may postpone the need for long term nursing home care.

The Life Care Plan itself is a relationship and a planning process. The Plan can provide a road map that allows the client to follow through to achieve their quality of life and long- term care goals. There are 3 principle goals that the Coordinator helps the client develop and implement.

  • Helps make sure the elder loved one gets good care, whether in their home or a facility. This focuses on the elder’s safety and well- being.
  • Helps the elder or family make decisions related to their long- term care.  The Coordinator and the team are the experienced and supportive advisors.
  • Helps find sources to pay for long term care.  Along with the team, works to find the best solution to asset protection.

Maureen has been a nurse for over 40 years and has experience in long term care, home health, managed care and working with the geriatric population. She is a current board member of PLOWS Council on Aging, a senior services provider for the southwest suburban area.