Safety First LLC

4450 St Andrews Crest Dr
Cumming, GA 30040
(770) 336-6525
Dhara Dixit

Safety First LLC specializes in Slip and Fall prevention. We help seniors age place safely and help senior centers keep residents safe by preventing slips and falls. We can treat your existing floors, showers, bathrooms, bathtubs, pool areas or kitchen areas places where it gets wet and slippery, we treat them to make them nonslip.

*  There is no curing or waiting time as soon as we leave you are free to use your floors or tubs.

*   Our treatments can be done indoor/outdoor on tiles or concrete.

 *  Keep employees/residents safe.

*  No downtime, we come when you want us to be there at your convenience.

*  Helps prevent lawsuits .

*  Reduce medical bills in terms of preventing slips and falls.

*  Floors or tubs will look the same after treatment.

*  Our treatments are quick, efficient, and easy.

*  No prior cleaning required and after the treatment the floors will look cleaner than before.

We specialize in senior care and are passionate about helping the senior community.