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Brian Ludwig, OD

Long Island Optometry Care offers comprehensive eye care services in all settings. both in home as well as in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. For patients that are home bound or in a facility, we provide complete evaluations with the latest portable equipment. We are comfortable treating anyone, from those with special needs, to the elderly.

When glasses are prescribed, patients will have the ability to choose their own frame from a wide selection of fashionable eye-wear. Frame replacements are available and repairs can be done on site if needed. Our doctors can set up a mobile clinic virtually anywhere.

Follow-up care is maintained in our database by one of our highly qualified doctors and is based on the highest standards for medical protocol.

Between heart issues, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more, there are plenty of health-related ailments to manage when it comes to residents in senior living. In such a crowded playing field, seniors’ ocular hygiene can fall to the wayside. Transportation to and from eye doctors offices, for one, proves problematic for senior living residents, as the task typically falls on their adult children. And costs can deter the receipt of such services. An innovative solution to the problem: Bringing the eye doctor to the seniors rather than the other way around.

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