Able Home Accessibility, Inc.

67 West Boylston Street
Unit #4
West Boylston, MA 01583
(508) 864-1655
Matthew Walsh

Matt Walsh

Husband and father of 4 exceptional children.

President of Able Home Accessibility

24 years in business

Products offered are Straight Stair Lifts, Custom Curved Stair Lifts, Modular Ramp Systems, Vertical Platform Lifts, Automatic Door Openers, Vehicle Lifts for Scooters and Power Chairs. Both, Straight Stair Lifts and Modular Ramp Systems can be rented for short term.

Able Home Accessibility does all of their own installations and repair services. Able Home Accessibility does not use subcontractors.

Able Home Accessibility offers reconditioned Stair Lifts and Ramps at reduced pricing.

Able Home Accessibility has a generous buy back program for most products.

Able Home Accessibility has a staff of 8 employees.

What sets us apart:

Matt Walsh and all of the Able Home employees treat each and every customer with respect and dignity.

We always will recommend what is best for the client and their family.

Our prices and service are never over inflated.

Our goal is to have a pleasant working relationship with the client for the duration of their time of need.

We have an A+ RATING with the BBB.

We have a 5 Star rating on all social platforms.


Phone: 1 (800) 355-5451

Fax: 1 (978) 355-6740