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Robert Colantuoni

WellAware Care’s mission is to enable elders and infirmed to choose where and how they live, with the highest quality of life, as safely and affordably as possible. 

The technology systems from WellAware Care, which utilize simple devices and sensors, are designed to supplement conventional caregiving. The systems are contactless and non-invasive wherever possible, thereby enhancing the environmental safety for residents, as well as caregivers.

WellAware Care has addressed one of the biggest potential hazards for elders and infirmed, the possibility of falling, with our unique non-invasive fall detection system. The SleepSound sensor system detects when a resident leaves their bed, lighting the pathways to the bathroom, and sending an alert when the person does not return to bed in a timely manner. This sensor system is coupled with a state of the art imaging system that allows the caregiver to see in real time where the resident is and to insure that they are safe or in need of further assistance.

The sleep sound system also measures vital signs and is capable of evaluating the quality of sleep.

Other capabilities that will be added to the WellAware Care system include smart medicine dispensers that send an alert in the event of missed medication, as well as incontinence sensors, glucose monitors, and remote stove shutoffs.

The easy to use dashboard tablet serves as a communication portal for the resident and the caregivers, establishing a rapid link to a doctor, pharmacist, caregivers, as well as family and friends.  

Our systems are designed to be portable, and they can be moved to any location where broadband internet exists. In addition to the features described, additional capabilities will be added, and they can be incorporated into an existing WellAware Care system at a nominal cost.

In these challenging times, where the Covid-19 crisis has made it very difficult to ensure the safety of residents and staff, the WellAware Care systems can uniquely provide a means to improving the residents’ quality of care while minimizing staff contact. This capability can be a differentiator for your facility as the world prepares for the “New Normal”.

 Come grow with us.